GHP Landschaftsarchitekten Nikolaus Gurr - Christian Schierstedt

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GHP Landschaftsarchitekten

Nikolaus Gurr - Christian Schierstedt

Flachsland 27
22083 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  4136070
Fax (040)  41360711

We at GHP can now look back on more than 30 years of experience. Emerged from the 1990 founded L O landscape architects Dresel-Gurr-Herbst, was already founded in 2000 by Nikolaus Gurr and Guido Herbst GHP. Since 2009, Nikolaus Gurr and Christian Schierstedt are the owners of the office.
The company is managed as a GbR.

Our goal is always a contemporary and user-oriented solution that is in direct context with the environment and is developed in constructive coordination with all planning participants.
Creative diversity is a must for us. Constructiveness and organization are a matter of course.
Our project spectrum encompasses the entire field of open space planning with a focus on:

-Open space planning for office, commercial and residential construction
-Open space planning with play and use concepts for schools and playgrounds
-City squares and green spaces in the public and private sectors
-Urban planning with overarching planning goals

We achieve integrative project solutions because our work is governed by the following basic principles:
-Intensive engagement with the planning environment
-Sensitive response to existing and planned architecture
-Analysis of urban planning criteria
-Recognition and further development of the interplay of architectural, ecological and economic site factors

Our many years of project experience include:
-Determination of planning-relevant basics
-Development of different planning variants and elaboration of a coordinated design
-Detailed solutions for stonemasonry, wood and metal construction
-Acquisition of official permits and approvals
-Technical detailing of the planning until it is ready for execution
-Tendering and awarding of the construction work
-Construction supervision for the realization of the planning
-Continuous cost control and adherence to schedules.