LYSANN SCHMIDT landschaftsarchitektur

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LYSANN SCHMIDT landschaftsarchitektur

Lysann Schmidt-Blaahs

Breite Straße 28
23966 Wismar

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+49 3841-24 65 205

The office LYSANN SCHMIDT landscape architecture exists since 2015 and continues the work of Lysann Schmidt in the office DPaysage in Paris. Ms. Schmidt has been working as a landscape architect for more than 15 years on diverse projects at various scales and all service phases from competition to completion on site. The double degree in architecture/urban planning (in Hamburg) and landscape architecture (in London) was an advantage from the beginning for communication and collaboration in multidisciplinary teams, such as the Olympic Master Plan for London 2012. Themes of sustainability and contextual design were also prominent in Paris, where she was a partner at DPaysage from 2005 to 2015, managing French and international projects. Since 2015, Ms. Schmidt has gained further experience with participation workshops in Berlin, where she has also been teaching at Beuth University of Applied Sciences since the summer semester of 2017. Today, Lysann Schmidt is actively supported by two permanent and two freelance employees. As a rule, the office regularly receives support from students who complete their practical semester here.

Our professional qualifications from the fields of landscape architecture, architecture, nature conservation and land use planning reflect our goal of realizing ecologically oriented projects that integrate landscape, infrastructure and architecture in equal measure. The following points represent a basic framework of our office philosophy:

Every site (whether riverfront, brownfield, or urban vacant lot) can tell stories. To discover these stories, to reveal them, to make them visible and to "spin" them further is my motivation and claim to my work.
Successful projects need dialogue and communication (sometimes cross-culturally and on an international level) between a multitude of participants: politicians, investors, associations, future users, nature conservationists, residents, ... Listening to and integrating hints and also objections is part of every project for me.
Every design, every completed construction site is the result of teamwork... between employees and partners, between clients and the design team (made up of various specialists), between executing companies and construction managers.