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Sprenger Landschaftsarchitekten

Dipl.Ing. Daniel Sprenger BDLA

Nordufer 13
13353 Berlin

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In both small and large gardens, whether public or private, we are concerned with the construction of atmosphere and space.
Daniel and Annette Sprenger founded their office in 1994. From close cooperation with clients and citizens, the idea develops in a directed process via the drawing to the building task. In this way, new landscapes, livable urban space, civic square design or gardens are created, which always show new facets.

Each task has its own scale: urban redevelopment requires other levels of decision-making than garden monument preservation or open space planning. However, the means used-plant, surface, and topography-are the same from garden planning to urban renewal. The juggling of volumes in space, the purposeful use of technical constructions and the considered selection from the canon of forms of plant and mineral building blocks characterize our projects.

We are happy to accompany our projects beyond completion. During the planning phase, the conditions shape the design; it is only in use that the sustainability of the solution found and implemented becomes perceptible. These experiences flow into new tasks. The controlled use of financial resources and a requirement-oriented time management ensure the quality.

We see the challenge of landscape architecture in allowing the independent view, in the search for the opportunity in the found, which then leads to tailored and smart solutions for place, user and resources.