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Wankner & Fischer Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA und Stadtplaner

Uwe Fischer

Alte Ziegelei 18
85386 Eching

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Tel. (08133)  9185-0
Fax (08133)  9185-19


The office Wankner and Fischer was founded in 1983 by Mr. Wankner and received its partnership structure and its name in 1991, when Mr. Fischer joined. For many years, the tasks of open space planning, landscape planning and urban land use planning were divided between the two shoulders. Both partners had their focal points: Mr. Fischer usually represented the open space planning, while Mr. Wankner was in charge of the urban land use planning and the mining and recultivation planning. We are now benefiting from this long-standing partnership-based distribution and also linking of all areas of responsibility. Because with April 2020 a new chapter has begun: Mr. Wankner has retired after more than 30 years of fulfilling work in landscape architecture. His wife Kristina Wankner, as an architect in our office, has also retired.

In the future, Mr. Fischer, with the support of Ms. Ertl (urban land use planning, excavation and recultivation planning) and Ms. Woysch (open space planning), will continue to lead the office in all specialist areas in the usual manner.

For the planning areas of open space planning, excavation and recultivation planning as well as urban land use planning, we continue to offer all service phases. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and intensive communication with all parties involved in the planning process, we enable the successful completion of any project.

Our office, in our own building, is located in the north of Munich at the transition to the open countryside. In 2018, we have extended our office building by a single-storey extension due to the growth of our staff over the years, while continuing to operate.



Fischer, Uwe - Landschaftsarchitekt & Stadtplaner: Freiraumplanung, BYAK-Referent für Bauabwicklung & Fortbildungen


Ertl, Irene - Landschaftsarchitektin & Stadtplanerin: Bauleitplanung, Abbau- & Rekultivierungsplanung, Entwässerungsplanung
Woysch, Isabelle - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung, Geronto- und Hausgärten


Feldmeier, Carina - B.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur (FH): Freiraumplanung
Gardai, Thomas - Landschaftsarchitekt: Freiraumplanung
Gartenlöhner, Katrin - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraum- & Landschaftsplanung
Harkampt, Daniela - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung
Klupp, Anne - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung
Kronseder, Laura - Projektmitarbeiterin: Freiraumplanung (bis 12.2020 in Elternzeit)
Meinhardt, Cathleen - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung
Reitsam, Dr. Ing. habil. Charlotte - Landschaftsarchitektin & Stadtplanerin: Freiraumplanung, Gartendenkmalpflege
Sandt, Sarah - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung
Maria Schmidt - B.Eng.Landschaftsarchitektur (FH): Freiraumplanung
Schönhärl, Moritz - B.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur (FH): Landschaftsplanung
Thamm, Franziska - Landschaftsarchitektin: Freiraumplanung, Bauleitplanung, Abbau-& Rekultivierungsplanung
Wagner, Rita - Sekretariat
Wezstein, Rebecca - M.A. (TUM) Landschaftsarchitektur: Bauleitplanung, Entwässerungsplanung, Freiraumplanung, Wettbewerbe
Alf Wiederseiner - Landschaftsarchitekt: Freiraumplanung

GESELLSCHAFTER der Wankner und Fischer GbR bis Ende 2021:

Wankner, Simon - Landschaftsarchitekt & Stadtplaner - im Ruhestand seit 04.2020