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Franz Reschke

Gneisenaustraße 42
10961 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  814540150

For us, dealing with the design of public spaces is always much more than just finding very good functional solutions. During the analysis of places and their context, multi-layered questions arise about their character and potential, in particular with the aim of creating livable and climate-adapted open spaces. The constant aim is to find specific and differentiated answers within the framework of landscape architectural designs and to strengthen and develop the perception of a place from within. Precise interventions in space and program create open spaces that create identification and can be used in a variety of ways, which in turn function very well when designed for the future.


Ninon Weber-Wittenberg, Helge Frevert, Jan Ole Rolfes, Richard Roßner, Luisa Hansel, Wolfgang Hilgers, Antonius Zwirner, Sebastian Rinke, Heike Dehmlow, Bérengère Chauffeté, Ana Belusa, Alexander Dietz, Frederik Springer, Gerome Vogt, Lasse Malzahn, Paula Liedmeier, Xun Chen, Rebecca Peuschel, Karl Offenhausen, Zheng Yuan, Mariama Kanouté, Amal Zubair, Johanna König, Kai Beschorner, Katharina Müller, Jonathan Sironi, Lucas Rauch, Ahmed Chehadé, Edis Erciyes, Max Erdmann, Johanna Klein, Aqsa Gul