The Koi and swimming pond


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For many people, their own swimming pond is the dream of a wellness and relaxation holiday in their own garden.

The swimming pond pictured here was created Saarland. Mescalith, wood and concrete stones in limestone look harmonize perfectly with each other. A water curtain emerges from a natural stone wall. Following the Andalusian irrigation systems, the water enters the pond through a depression in the ground. Stepping stones provide direct access to a wooden deck on the opposite side. Fracture-rough ashlars along the edge of the pond soften the formal austerity and provide welcome seating. From the higher level on the wall, there is a splendid view of the pond area. The bent legs of the wall offer niches sheltered from the wind. Already in February, on sunny days, you can get in the mood for the upcoming spring there. The technical room is located behind the right part of the natural stone wall under a wooden terrace. The deepest part of the pond measures 2.5m. At the edge are banquet-like shallow water zones.
Thanks to new materials and technically adept pump and filter technology, it is possible to create a solid and sophisticated swimming pond even in a relatively small space. Particularly in combination with natural stones, Mediterranean-like garden images can be created that give you the feeling of being in the south. If you want to stock your pond with fish, there are many possibilities. Koi, whose home is East Asia, are particularly popular. The magnificent fish shimmer in all imaginable colours under the surface of the water. Just watching the fish has a very calming and stress-reducing effect on the observer.

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Planning offices

Laport, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), Dipl.-Ing., Stefan

Project period
2009 - 2010

600 m²


Project type