Bavarian State Garden Show Würzburg 2018 Feasibility study and application for implementation

Ausstellungskonzept © 2009 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

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Ausstellungskonzept © 2009 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

The abandonment of military use on the Leighton site offers an extraordinary opportunity to develop a completely new urban district in the east of the city. The exposed topographical location and the diverse surrounding relationships are the special potential of the area. "At eye level with the Marienberg fortress", urban structures with a distinctive spatial character are being created in a gradual process. In contrast to the dense inner city, an "urban landscape" will grow here, in which building cores of different density and uses are embedded in a strongly greened environment.
With the prospect of expanding the neighbouring campus of the University of Würzburg, a completely new type of "knowledge landscape" is being created, in which the highly developed networks of education and research will for the first time be given a counterpart in "real" space. With its differently differentiated open spaces and development clusters, the new campus will help to make working and studying in Würzburg even more attractive. At the same time, outdoor areas for research and development of future technologies can be created there.

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Planning offices

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

Thomas Wirth, Gudrun Rentsch, Ralph Schäffner

Christiane Eberts, Ulrike Zänker

Project period
2008 - 2009

25 ha

Stadtverwaltung Würzburg



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Project type
Garden exhibitions