Kempen Klosterhof Technically sophisticated in a historical context

Klosterhof Kempen © 2014 FL Freese

Klosterhof Kempen © 2014 FL Freese

The open space and traffic area planning for the Klosterhof project was carried out between 2011 and 2015 at the important interface between the green space at the castle and the historic old town in the context of the historic monastery facilities and the new buildings (residential and commercial complex), taking into account the traffic concerns and the civil engineering requirements resulting from the underpinning of the public traffic area with the underground car park, and solving a task in the overall urban planning and green design context:

Open spaces / civil engineering / building reference in difficult urban planning and structural conditions, pedestrian areas and city squares, raised bed and tub greening, squares and traffic areas, traffic-calmed areas with high urban planning and high structural engineering requirements.

Contractor/project management/overall planning FL Freese, traffic planning/light planning by specialist planners in the team.

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Planning offices

Freese Landschaftsarchitektur

Project period
2011 - 2015

rd. 5.000 m²

Construction amount
rd. 1,15 Mio. €

Stadt Kempen

47906 Kempen

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