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Soziale Stadt Hüls-Süd © 2013 FL Freese

Soziale Stadt Hüls-Süd © 2013 FL Freese

As a contribution to the integrated action concept for the Hüls-Süd neighbourhood of the city of Marl, we initially drew up the open space concept for the entire programme area (approx. 30 ha, approx. 2,200 inhabitants) in 2010: Upgrading of private and public open spaces, green spaces, playgrounds and schoolyards as well as neighbourhood squares, paths and street spaces. The guiding principle "Grüne Höfe Hüls-Süd" (Green Courts Hüls-South) was used as a common thread for a consistent equipment and design style in order to give the neighbourhood its own identity. Subsequently, we worked on the qualifications (design quality, approvability, cost certainty) of the open space and traffic area projects in order to acquire funding. In the years 2011 - 2015, we then carried out the planning (implementation planning, construction supervision) for the projects Neighborhood Square, Neighborhood Park with playground and football field, Neighborhood Promenade, Youth Cultural Center / Garden of Cultures, schoolyard, playgrounds, street and path spaces, residential environment with playground and football field on behalf of the City of Marl and the Neue Marler Baugesellschaft (NEUMA).

The Socially Integrative City project thrives on the participation of many: residents, children and young people, senior citizens, business owners, representatives of institutions. This means that everyone from the district can get involved and cooperate. In order to bundle all activities, a district forum was held once a year and the district conference twice a year. In addition, there were and still are working groups and project groups on various topics as well as project-related participation of residents, e.g. in expert discussions and planning workshops.

After demolition of three further high-rise residential buildings, we are currently carrying out the landscape planning (environmental contribution to the development plan, felling application/replacement tree planting for protected avenue) and open space planning (design, implementation planning, construction supervision) for the residential environment design of the new development (Wohnen im Quartierspark Hüls-Süd, Clara-Wieck-Straße) with playground and generation community meeting place on behalf of NEUMA.

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Planning offices

Freese Landschaftsarchitektur

Project period
2010 - heute

rd. 30 ha

Construction amount
rd. 2 Mio. €

Stadt Marl,
Neue Marler Baugesellschaft (NEUMA)

Ovelheider Weg
45772 Marl

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