KITA Blauland A kindergarten moves

KITA Blauland Marl © 2015 FL Freese

KITA Blauland Marl © 2015 FL Freese

The children and the caregivers could not believe that a completely new kindergarten is being built for them, integrated on a site with several schools.

For this new 4-group daycare facility as part of the funding program "Investments in daycare facilities and childcare for the expansion of places for children under 3 years", we have carried out the outdoor facility planning (design, implementation planning, construction supervision) on behalf of the city of Marl in the years 2014 - 2015.

In the process, the outdoor area of the new kindergarten building was designed according to the requirements of the funding program with U3 offer and barrier-free. Age-, activity- and structure-differentiated play areas enable a wide variety of experiences in the areas of climbing, sliding, swinging, climbing, crawling, stone, sand, water, vegetation, colors, shapes, light and shadow.
Walkways and plazas offer space for movement and stay. Each group also has its own terrace.
The greening and planting was carried out with integration of the tree population worth preserving and the fencing.
Necessary facilities such as car and bicycle parking spaces in the entrance area were integrated as well as locations for garbage boxes, fire fighting areas and appropriate lighting.

An additional component of the project was a drainage concept with discharge into a body of water.

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Planning offices

Freese Landschaftsarchitektur

Project period
2014 - 2015

rd. 4.000 m²

Construction amount
rd. 300.000 €

Stadt Marl

45768 Marl

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