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Canrobert Rastatt 3 © kienleplan

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In the course of the conversion of the Canrobert barracks area, the former castle axis was restored as a "tapis vert".

The barracks complex Canrobert lay like a "plug" in the 17 km long historical baroque axis from Rastatt to Ettlingen. In the course of the conversion of the barracks grounds, the former castle axis is being restored as a "tapis vert", reformulated in terms of design and reinterpreted with a light installation. Together with the existing castle garden, the new castle park will form the green centre of a new, central urban quarter with cultural and educational facilities, public administration and housing. An extraordinary aspect of the project is that the open space - the new castle park - is created in front of the peripheral development - as a magnet and image bearer of the new urban quarter.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

Project period
1997 - 2001

ca. 6 ha

Construction amount
3.65 Mio Euro

Stadt Rastatt, FB4 ökologische Stadtplanung



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