Cultural Centre Kornwestheim

Kulturkaree © Gonzales Kienleplan GmbH

Kulturkaree © Gonzales Kienleplan GmbH

The cultural square in the heart of Kornwestheim, consisting of the music school, the museum in the Kleihues building and the new cultural centre "K", is arranged around the market square and framed by the Kornwestheim town hall and the Salamander city park.

The new, generous and central place opens, by the connection of past partial places more varied use possibilities, from the external event of the culture center over summer celebrations, music events or also extended market uses. The visual relationships between the town hall and the lake, between the Bonatz Tower and the municipal gallery have been opened up.

The Stadtparksee is being upgraded and will be designed to be experienced from afar from the edges. On the southern edge of the shore, the water body will be made accessible with a seating step installation. The north and west shore will be designed soft, green.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

Project period
2010 - 2014

1,8 ha

Stadt Kornwestheim

Stuttgarter Str. 65
70806 Kornwestheim

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