Health centre Langenau

Lageplan © Kienleplan GmbH

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Eingangsbereich © Kienleplan GmbH

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Pflanzung © Kienleplan GmbH

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Lageplan © Kienleplan GmbH

Eingangsbereich © Kienleplan GmbH

Pflanzung © Kienleplan GmbH

The open spaces are characterized by a restrained park-like design. The actual centre and central visual axis remains free of fixtures and trees and leads the view to the nearby town centre of Langenau.

The gentle slope of the terrain enables barrier-free and handicapped-accessible development of the patient garden. This integrates the rainwater retention areas (overflow areas of the roof surfaces) and allows a variety of seating and communication options through the serpentine path.

The green roof surfaces of the rotunda are visible from the patient rooms of the new and old building. The vegetation elements there are therefore designed in colour, texture and flowering time in planting patterns.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

Project period
2006 - 2009

18.500 m², Dachbegrünung 2.500 m²

Krankenhaus GmbH Alb-Donau-Kreis

Karlstraße 45
89129 Langenau

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