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Infrastructure meets landscape

Infrastructures are omnipresent and a central design task of society. Well planned and built, they become landmarks of a region, a part of the cultural landscape.

Today, however, urban open spaces and landscapes are also regarded as "green infrastructure" in their own right, developed accordingly and valued by the population in a special way.

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The construction and conversion of infrastructures is a demanding challenge in terms of building culture. The projects in this cluster show successful planning and design results, special places by landscape architects where infrastructure meets landscape.

The spectrum of projects ranges from the 'grand design' of the emscher:zukunft master plan, to the 'wax-kissed' sewage treatment plant, to the small, fine, now green municipal open-air swimming pool. Innovative concepts for roads, cycle paths, promenades, river banks as well as ideas for tourism or against noise are shown. Answers to the big questions of our time, the energy turnaround and climate change, are exemplified by the emerging pumped storage power plant, the shining energy mountain, the Hallig 2050.

The future questions on the topic are: How will the grey infrastructure - i.e. the traditional transport, flood or energy buildings - be integrated into the cultural landscape in terms of building culture? And what green infrastructures do we want to see emerge? Landscape architects bdla provide food for thought with selected projects in the cluster. For further reading, we recommend the Joint Declaration 'Sustainably Designing Infrastructure in the Landscape'.

You can also find landscape architecture projects worth seeing on the topic in the project search.

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