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Hans-Jörg Wöhrle

Holsteiner Ufer 22
10557 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  46603996
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__With the question of static and dynamic space, space formation
and quality of stay are our most important objectives. Here the plant with the aspect of the seasons receives a special meaning.
The splendor of timelessness through the experience of time is the goal of our work
Landscape architecture is for us more than building. Landscape architecture is a dialogue, a process of listening, sharing and brainstorming. Landscape architecture as a dialogue means questioning what is taken for granted, including the environment and understanding people. What are their needs? How can nature be preserved? How do you want to live? What is your budget? These are elementary questions to which w p landscapes finds new, clearly formulated answers through design, supported by a special feeling for the balance of values in the landscape and adapted to the complex needs of people and the environment. We are the mediator, guiding and ordering design processes and shaping ideas into new forms. Ongoing dialogue is the foundation for the landscape architecture of w p landscapes.

City planning measures, pedestrian zones, streets and squares, inner-city revitalization, open spaces for schools, sports facilities and recreational facilities, outdoor areas of public and private administrative buildings, clinics, residential complexes, stormwater management and renaturation, private gardens, garden shows, parks in the context of historical monuments.

Tendering, object supervision, schedule and cost management

Draft and design planning for open space development. Through cooperation with architects, specialist engineers and artists, projects with high standards are created throughout Europe.

In cooperation with experienced planning partners, competent and practice-oriented support is provided in the preparation of environmental impact studies, green space plans, landscape conservation plans for traffic route construction, specialist planning for bodies of water and expert reports (including tree surveys, clearance plans, etc.).

In the context of the redesign of city squares and green areas accompanying streets, we also work on all services for traffic facilities in addition to the classic landscape architecture services. In this service profile, we link the interface between green space and road construction planning. Our approach differs from the planning services of classical road construction and civil engineering in that we integrate engineering functions into a high-quality overall design in a balanced manner, taking into account economic efficiency.


Regine Ellen Wöhrle, Maryam Esmaeilzadeh, Lukas Mettler, Oliver Schachtschneider, Julian Grund, Alexander Weygold, Christina Hasse, Friederike Rüss

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