LandschaftsArchitekten Jägersküpper Fahl

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LandschaftsArchitekten Jägersküpper Fahl

Inh. Udo Fahl

Am Steinberg 35
41061 Mönchengladbach

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Contact information

Tel. (02161)  63470

Project planning LP 1-9 for private and public clients
facilities for children and young people
social facilities
living environment improvement, private gardens, roof greening
urban open spaces
street and commercial greening, development measures
landscape management contributions
In 1980, Lothar Jägersküpper founded the planning office as a freelance landscape architect.
Between 1994 and 2015, the office was managed in partnership by landscape architects Lothar Jägersküpper and Udo Fahl.
Since the beginning of 2016, Udo Fahl has been the sole owner of the office; Lothar Jägersküpper continues to be actively involved as a freelancer.

Philosophy and design approach

As landscape architects, we realize plans in which we comprehensively and aesthetically sophisticatedly handle the design, technical and ecological tasks in all areas of open space. From small-scale, urban areas to landscape planning projects with ecological requirements - we develop creative solutions for your project.

Our goal is not fast-moving or interchangeable concepts without reference to the peculiarity and particularity of the place, but individual designs that are high-quality, functional, innovative and timeless and yet can be clearly assigned to their time of origin.

Working methods and quality standards

The project is handled from an initial intensive analysis of the given situation to the complete completion of the building project "from a single source". A responsible contact person accompanies the entire planning and execution process in an interdisciplinary manner in constant dialogue with all parties involved, so that an optimal and technically sound result is achieved.

The regular exchange of ideas within the planning office regarding all projects and the procurement and coordination of competent execution companies guarantees the consistently high quality of our executions as well as their cost-effective and timely realization.


Tim Nellen B.Sc. Landschaftsarchitekt AKNW
Dipl.-Ing. Anne Sieber Landschaftsarchitektin AKNW
Britta Liebe B.Sc.
Fabian Borchert M.Sc.
Julia Sammer B.Sc.
Luis Adam M.Sc.