Nature Cabinet & Annual Tree Garden, Dechow. Planning: GM013 Landscape Architecture, Berlin


In addition to the established landscape architecture firms, a young landscape architecture scene has developed in recent years. The bdla has set itself the goal of presenting this new generation of landscape architects to a broader public in the form of an exhibition FRISCHGRÜN21.

In 2021, young offices were invited to submit projects that demonstrate the creative range and innovative approaches of young landscape architects in Germany.

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A five-member selection committee chose ten offices and their work: SOWATORINI Landschaft, elo Gärten, Lysann Schmidt Landschaftsarchitektur, impuls Landschaftsarchitektur, gornik denkel landschaftsarchitektur, GM013 Landschaftsarchitektur, Lohrengel Landschaft, Parzelle X - Büro für Landschaftsarchitektur und Naturpädagogik, GRIEGER HARZER Landschaftsarchitekten and fabulism.

FRESHGREEN was presented as an exhibition at the Federal Horticultural Show Erfurt 2021.

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