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Martin Janotta, Reinhard Busch, Helge Herbst, Vicky Kirchen, Peter Simon

Belziger Straße 25
10823 Berlin

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FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER has stood for the realization of high-quality landscape architectural projects and the development of complex landscape planning concepts since 1986.

The combination of careful handling of sensitive nature and design standards is a focal point of our work. Due to our biography, which is characterized by an ecological and open space planning approach, we offer highly integrative designs. For us, landscape development means integrating ecological and economic aspects into planning solutions and developing these into sustainable and viable concepts with the stakeholders involved.

We draw on our extensive experience from numerous ecological studies on flora, fauna and the ecosystem. We manage complex approval procedures for the environmental sector and carry out ecological construction monitoring during implementation.


Florencia Arias, Andreas Bergmann, Sven Blume, Stefanie Bosch, Kevin Brackmann, Holger Burgardt, Reinhard Busch, Jeannine Carbenay, Florent Crenn, Tina Deinert, Siyue Deng, Bettina Dickson, Nicole Frisch, Alice Garlaschelli, Alina Glamann, Susann Grigoleit, Cian Hansen-Ennis, Lisa Heinsch, Jana Heller, Helge Herbst, Antje Heyer, Martin Janotta, Vicky Kirchen, Agnes Leiting, Luisa Lutz, Lennart Nesselhut, Ole Neumann, Sophie Renner-Goeßmann, Christian Rex, Tilman Schulz, Jonas Schupp, Peter Simon, Polina Veidenbakh, Mihailo Veskov, Ralf Wegner, Susanne Widiarto, Nicole Winter, Alexander Zillmann, Dr. Doreen Zirkler

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